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Tanning Goddesses Introducing New Product - Rose Water!



The Earth Diva Bulgarian Rose Water Spray

Natural Rose Perfume Spray for Skin and Hair.

The Earth Diva has a beautiful light and refreshing scent of delicate Bulgarian roses.  Perfume and tone your skin with this exquisite rose water spray.  Give your skin only the best!

Natural high quality Bulgarian rose water hydrosol is steam distilled.


Only 1 Ingredient: 100% PURE ROSE WATER HYDROSOL

Containers that we use are BPA free.


No Added Alcohol

Paraben FREE





Rose Water Skin Toner:

The Earth Diva Rose Water is perfect for toning the face, neck, décolletage, or the skin around the eyes. Spray on dry skin or wet skin. Use The Earth Diva rose water all over the body for balancing the skin and use it as a botanical astringent and skin toner.  The Earth Diva Bulgarian rose water is made from only the finest Bulgarian rose flowers .  Rose water is a natural reducer of redness on the skin.

The Earth Diva Bulgarian Rose Water

The Earth Diva Rose Water is made from only high quality Bulgarian Rose Water - 100% pure Alcohol Free and non oily, glycerin free, and additional fragrance free (no extra perfume added), paraben free, and vegan friendly formula.  Rose water is a wonderful toner for all skin types, and makes a practical and suitable body splash, natural deodorant, and an evening fragrance.  Also it makes a great fragrance and light conditioning spray for your hair too.

This exquisite rose fragrance spray comes in an 8 fl. oz. spray bottle.
Spray on skin and hair for an instant refreshing rose scent!



Purchase (3) bottles of The Earth Diva Rose Water and get (1) bottle FREE!



The Earth Diva Rose Water Product Label


Is rose water beneficial to the skin?

Rose water is beneficial to the skin in many ways.  Rose water helps control oil on the skin and help maintain proper PH balance too.  Rose water is also beneficial as an anti-inflammatory for red and irritated skin.  Rose water also makes a good astringent and can help reduce poor size and tone the skin.

Is rose water beneficial for my hair?

Rose water is beneficial for the hair too.  Not only can rose water be used to perfume the hair, it can also help reduce dandruff and support healthy blood flow to the hair roots.  Rose water is also naturally hydrating to the skin and hair making is a great leave-in conditioner.  Rose water can help with breakage, frizzeness, and helps improve condition of the hair.

Should I use rose water every day?

You should use rose water every day on your skin to help keep it toned.  Wash you face normally and then spray on the rose water and apply your favorite face moisturizer.  Rose water can be used also before going to bed, just follow the skincare day routine but use a nighttime moisturizer on your face.

Should I use rose water on face, body, and hair?

Rose water can be applied to your face, body, or hair for a great refreshing splash of fragrance.  100% Rose water can also be used around the eye area and can be very soothing to the delicate skin area around the eyes.

How should I store my rose water?

Storing rose water in the fridge or in a cool dark place will prolong the life of your rosewater.  Rosewater will last about a year if stored properly.


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