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The Earth Diva Cold Pressed Bar Soaps

Introducing New Product - Handmade Cold Pressed Bar Soaps!

The Earth Diva cold pressed bar soap is handmade from high quality plant based ingredients to make these luxury bar soaps.  The Earth Diva cold pressed bar soaps produce a thick luxurious lather and rinses clean leaving the skin fresh and clean feeling.  These beautifully hand crafted cold pressed soaps have a rich scent.

The Earth Diva cold pressed bar soaps use high quality ingredients like coconut oil and organic Shea butter to make our soaps ultra moisturizing.  The Earth Diva Midnight Rose bar soaps have rose petals added to the soap for the ultimate romantic rose scented soap.  The Midnight Rose bar soaps have oatmeal added to the soap to make it the perfect scrub soap for body but is still gentle for face too.

The Earth Diva Cold pressed African Black bar soaps contain activated charcoal and organic Shea butter.  Activated charcoal soaps helps with removing impurities in the skin and are great for people with acne prone skin.  Organic Shea butter helps moisturize the skin and keep it soft and supple.  The Earth Diva Black bar soap is handmade and cold pressed from only the finest ingredients.

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